MPU-Training in Munich

The medical-psychological examination (MPU) is ordered when doubts arise about a person’s fitness to drive. The examination is primarily intended to clarify whether there is a risk of re-offending. If physical or mental deficits are detected during the MPU, it can be proven during the driving behavior observation that one is nevertheless capable of driving a motor vehicle on the public roads.

During this drive, a trained traffic psychologist is present in the vehicle in addition to the driving instructor. The drive lasts approximately one hour.
We recommend taking a preparatory lesson before the actual MPU test in order to prepare specifically for the requirements. Especially people who have had their driver’s license for a long time are often not up to date with current traffic regulations.

The driver’s license is indispensable for many people, often loss of the driver’s license by an ordered MPU in Munich is therefore a threat to their livelihood. We offer optimal MPU preparation in Munich, so that you can clear all doubts during the examination.

What the MPU includes

All contents of the MPU training are based on the requirements of the MPU examination.

We prepare you for the psychological interview with the assessment authority and the possible driving behavior observation. The exact procedure depends on the reason for the MPU.

Which could be:

  • Participation in road traffic under (high) alcohol influence
  • Repeated alcohol-related incidents in road traffic
  • Participation in traffic under the influence of narcotics
  • Frequent violations of road traffic laws
  • Recurring conspicuousness during probationary period
  • A criminal offense in connection with road traffic
  • Illnesses that lead to impairment in road traffic