How to get your driving license in Munich

With us you’ll learn everything about road safety, operating the car and, of course, having fun driving. Finally take the wheel in your own hands. A driving license brings independence and advantages in your professional life.

Our driving instructors will guide you with know-how and give you practical tips. This way you will pass the driving test quickly and without any problems.

From theory to practice

Before you take your driving test in Munich, you need to prepare for the theory test. With the right e-learning software, you can prepare for the theory test at your own pace. Only when you have answered all the questions will you know every question and be optimally prepared for the exam.

Our tip: If you are well prepared for the theory driving test in Munich, trust your intuition. Often the first thought is the right one.

You have to answer 30 questions in the theoretical driving test. You are allowed to make a maximum of ten mistakes and still pass. The questions have different penalty points, so pay close attention. You have 45 minutes for the theory test. Of course, theory exams are also possible in foreign languages such as English or Russian.

The practical driving test in Munich

The last step before getting your driving license in Munich is the practical driving test. Here you will drive together with your driving instructor and an examiner along a route that is unknown to you beforehand and you will have to complete various tasks.

But don’t worry: We will prepare you perfectly for all the tasks beforehand and practice everything in a comfortable way. Nothing will stand in the way of your driving license in Munich.